About Dune Goons

     In 2019 a few friends from Central Oregon got together and met up at Winchester Bay to ride. We had so much fun that weekend ripping up Banshee Hill in the middle of the night that we all decided to meet up at UTV Takeover for some more sand fun.

     We were at the houser road entrance to the sand on our dirt bikes when a couple fellows in pickup trucks stopped and asked us how the whoop road was to the beach because their spot was right off that road. We told them, "besides the heavy traffic and if you air down your trucks they will be fine." That's when Brandon Jenson offered his bike to a complete stranger (Matthew Schroeder) to go and check it out for himself. That act of kindness alone influenced these fellows and their wives want to hang out more. After a short chat, Brandon then offered them to stay with us at our camp on the sand by the helicopter pad and drag strip. (A much better location for UTV Takeover.) That night, Matt took me out in his new YXZ side by side and I'd never been in one before. I thought I was going to die but he was the most amazing driver I've ever seen on the sand even to this day. While hanging out with Matt and Travis for the weekend we found out that Matt had stage 4 cancer and that he had no idea how long he was supposed to live. Eventually Matthew Schroeder died of stage 4 melanoma. Matt and I (Sonny Sinay) became really good friends for the remainder of his days. His love for others was an influence to be cherished forever. I saw him help complete strangers on the side of the road multiple times. He came to my home to hang out and he was always looking for ways to serve others. He lived his life like it was his last day every day. Matt had a lot of friends as you can imagine. The whole crew loved Matthew Schroeder. Matt introduced us all to his friend Jason Martin and we combined all of Jason's and Matt's Friends with ours. That made a pretty large group and to this day we are still UNITED BY SAND! The name Dune Goons came from Matt calling us a bunch of goons when we all got together. So it stuck. We are now Dune Goons for life and we love sand! In fact, our logo is a drawing of a real picture of Matt in his YXZ. We invite anyone that has the love of sand like we do or even desires to go to the sand for the first time. Our group has grown since Matt's passing and there is people in our group that never met Matt. He died 09/20/2020 at the young age of 39. Rest In Sand Paradise Matthew Schroeder. We love you Brother. See you on the other side.

     We made this website to post new and used parts from our crew and anyone who would like to sell sand related items. Our goal is 100% Perfect customer service every time no matter what. We respond immediately (as long as we are awake) and we will help in whatever way we can for you to have a trusted enjoyable experience when shopping at the Dune Goons Shop. If you see an item on the site then it is in stock. If it sold and we didn't have a moment to remove it before you added it to cart it will tell you the item isn't in stock. and if for some reason you still buy an item that has already been sold we will immediately contact you and refund you money on the spot. We look forward to a better buying experience than the typical backorder game most websites play these days.

     On our Facebook Page you can see all the events we attend on an annual basis. Feel free to join our private Facebook group Dune Goons. If you'd like to join, reach out we would be happy to send you an invite. 

     See you on the sand!