Banshee 443 Serval Cub 7mm Big Bore Stroker Kit Cylinder Head 68mm 7 mil Top End
Banshee 443 Serval Cub 7mm Big Bore Stroker Kit Cylinder Head 68mm 7 mil Top End

Banshee 443 Serval Cub 7mm Big Bore Stroker Kit Cylinder Head 68mm 7 mil Top End

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  • CP Industries 68mm x 61mm 443cc Serval Cub cylinder nikasil plated
  • Wiseco 68mm forged Pro-Lite piston set
  • Nitrite coated piston rings
  • Chrome wristpins
  • Circlips
  • SKF wristpin bearings
  • CP Industries Cub cylinder head shell
  • Billet 23cc Cub domes
  • Cylinder head o-ring kit
  • Cometic one piece Cub base gasket
  • Intake gaskets
  • TITANIUM cylinder head stud kit
  • TITANIUM cylinder to crankcase stud kit
  • TITANIUM stud extenders
  • Water jacket plugs
  • TITANIUM 12 point flange nuts
  • For use with a 7mm, 115mm rod stroker crank
  • Serval cylinders are the exact same as the Cub, they are just made with the ports slightly lowered to allow for more bottom end to mid range power
  • Can be used with stock cases that have been modified for 7mm crankshaft
  • Everything is new in the original packaging and covered by warranty*

 *Warranty: We stand behind all parts we sell 100%.  If after installation there is an issue contact us for a warranty return.  This product is NOT DIY.  Over 99% of people in the world are not qualified to build an engine.  It has to be done 100% correct, and many parts must be measured down to the .01”.  We ALWAYS STRONGLY recommend parts be installed by a qualified, experienced mechanic.  Warranty does not cover failure that is a result of improper installation, tuning, break in, or misuse.  For any warranty to be considered the part(s) in question must first be sent back to us for inspection.  We do not warranty parts based on phone calls, photos, or another mechanic's assessment alone.  It is the responsibility of the person assembling and tuning the parts to make sure they work correctly. 

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